Project Examples


Project Example 1

A UK-based company, which is a leader in the European market with its chemical products for private households, wants to expand its market and competitive position in Germany and other European countries by entering into a suitable strategic alliance or acquiring a takeover- candidate.

CCI MANAGEMENT was on the basis of a mandate agreement engaged to execute all required steps of a transaction process, including:

1. Joint coordination of specific target-criteria and compilation of a list of target-companies for further evaluation. Selection of a short list of target-companies as suitable strategic alliance-partners or takeover- candidates and the compilation of preliminary company information.

2. Commencement of discussions. Preparation of a first meeting with the shareholders and decision makers of the selected target-companies. Exchange of confidentiality agreements. Execution of this first meeting as well as post-processing and follow up of further talks.

3. Compilation and exchange of specific company information. Organisation of a (electronic) data room.

4. Coordination and execution of an integrated business-plan (for the purpose of a coordinated market-/customer-processing, coordination of the location- and technical operating-structures, company function allocation and organization plan, investment plan, finance plan and activity plan) in order to execute the strategic alliance or takeover.

5. Investigation and evaluation of the potential strategic alliance partners or takeover candidates:
a. Investigation and evaluation of the potential target-structure and strategic and economical advantages/synergy-effects.
b. Determination of the company value/business value/purchase price for the shares.
c. Evaluation of the strategic alliance- and takeover-conditions.

6. Coordination and working out of a Letter of Understanding and Intent.

7. Coordination and execution of analyses and due diligence.

8. Determination of the transaction structure in collaboration with tax consultants and specialist solicitors.

9. Conduct of negotiations and lead of the process to sign definitive contracts (i.e. acquisition of shareholdings contract and/or cooperation contract or any other agreement according to CCI MANAGEMENT´s General Business Terms and Conditions).



Project example 2

An Austrian holding company with participations in the market segment Lifestyle engaged CCI MANAGEMENT to find suitable target-companies, such as brand-driven consumer goods manufacturers and retailers in different product segments - including fashion (women´s and men´s fashion) cosmetics, and home & living (e.g. home textile and furniture).


CCI MANAGEMENT selected a German kitchen manufacturer and entered into first conversations with the managing partners of this company and proposed the idea to combine lifestyle-competence with kitchen manufacturer competence as new possible strength and unique selling propositions. CCI MANAGEMENT carried out a complete transaction process, including all pending work steps such as integrative business planning, analysis and due diligence, organization of an electronic data room, purchase price calculation utilizing a discounted cash flow analysis, elaboration of a takeover offer including the target-structure and joint business concept, coordination and negotiation of a purchase contract (share deal) and final joint contract signature (signing) with notarial documentation at the notary.



Project example 3

A leading German food manufacturer wants to grow its revenue in the Russian market. This requires a proprietary production site in St. Petersburg or Moscow through a wholly-owned production company. The sales and distribution functions will be handled by a strategic alliance-partner, a Scandinavian food manufacturer, which has already established a subsidiary in Russia. Both companies cover product fields that are complementary and which support each other in terms of the respective price- and brand-positioning in the market. The strategic alliance is initially structured as a joint cooperation contract (i.e. supply contract and management agreement) and is envisioned to evolve into a joint venture at a later stage.

CCI MANAGEMENT proposed this strategic alliance to its client and executed the conversations and project management from the beginning to its conclusion.




Project example 4

A leading Indian company with different business units wants to expand its business unit HOME TEXTILE on an international scale and enter the European market via a takeover that is consistent with its strategic objectives.

CCI MANAGEMENT developed a specific target profile, screened the European market, and selected a company in the German speaking market covering a broad range of home textile-products such as curtains, blankets, bed-linen, bed-covers, pillows, quilts, table-cloths, terry towels/bathrobes, kitchen-textiles and home textile accessories. Furthermore, the target-company controls the complete value chain starting with its own international sourcing, partly self-production to its own outlets to sell to end-consumers.

Part of the takeover-objective was to acquire the complete value chain from raw material procurement and manufacturing - with state of the art production technology and low cost in India - to the marketing and sales to end-consumers by the target-company´s own shops, which are positioned in the medium and high ended market ensuring high margins and profitability.

CCI MANAGEMENT coordinated the joint, integrative business model and business planning, including the company evaluation and negotiation of the purchase price for the shares and other contract conditions in the frame of a transaction process until conclusion.





CCI MANAGEMENT Press Release, November 22, 2022

GLOBALSCOPE PARTNERS LTD. gathered in Bangkok for their Fall 2022 International Conference, celebrating continued network growth and more than €17.5 Billion in transactions, year-to-date.

Globalscope Partners, a worldwide network of independent investment banking firms focused on M&A, was hosted for a four-day conference by member firm AWR Lloyd, Bangkok. AWR Lloyd has a 22-year track record providing M&A and strategy consulting services to clients across the Indo-Pacific region from the Middle East, through South and Southeast Asia.

During the event, members collaborated on more than 100 M&A opportunities in their cumulative worldwide pipelines, shared best practices for professional development, and held forums on trends and current industry landscapes from leading internal sector experts. This Fall’s conference provided the Globalscope network an opportunity to strengthen connections with Southeast Asia, which inspires greater cross-border collaboration, trade, and investment.

John R. Sloan, Globalscope President, welcomed the group to the semi-annual event. “These conferences provide our members the ability to leverage the strength of our network, accessing a global marketplace of potential investment partners that match their clients’ transaction opportunities.” said Sloan. “It also provides opportunities for individual member firms to learn new and better ways to enhance their services from fellow experts. This camaraderie and openness, drives us to each have tier-one professional services, delivering greater benefit to our clients.”

Globalscope celebrated continuing growth in its membership with Seedset Advisory, (Malaysia) being invited to join, as well as the approval of new member InCredMAPE, (India) a merger of previous member MAPE with InCredCapital.

The next Globalscope conference is scheduled for April 2023, in Buenos Aires and will be hosted by member firm FICUS Advisory.


ABOUT GLOBALSCOPE PARTNERS Globalscope is a family of 55 independent investment banking firms, with more than 400 highly qualified investment bankers located in 48 countries worldwide. With more than 30 years of global M&A experience, Globalscope partners work in close partnership with clients to make their business dreams a reality. More than 10, 000 satisfied clients, from across all industry sectors, have benefited from our extensive knowledge of international capital markets and investors. Globalscope members are located across the world in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Guyana, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Oman, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Thailand, Turkey, UK, Ukraine, Uruguay, USA, and Vietnam.

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